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About Us


DETOX, that’s what we help you do!

DETOX was born out of our deepest belief that everyone is entitled to live their healthiest potential. Our philosophy is that quality nutrition should be easily accessible in our modern, demanding lifestyles so that individuals can create positive, long-lasting changes to their diet and overall health.
Our mission is to help modern people find vibrancy and health by providing them with a fresh set of tools that are simple, convenient and tailored to their hectic schedules.

With DETOX, we created a no fuss approach to health and vitality that will give your body the nutrients you need to live your best life. 
Our products are a superfuel mix of cold pressed juices. We are in for the pure, the local and the nutrient dense and we celebrate the flavors and healing forces of vegetables and fruits. Every ingredient is carefully curated to promote body health and overall well-being. All DETOX products are 100% raw, sustainably sourced from the best and pressed to perfection.
We pride ourselves in empowering others to make healthier choices for every day well-being. We encourage you to take health into your own hands, think about what you are putting into your body, and experience what it feels like to be truly nourished and satiated.


Our values - what we live and juice by.

  • Passion

    We have a deep passion for what we do. We strongly believe that nourishing the body with whole foods and natural produce is the best long-term strategy for maintaining good health.

  • Honesty

    We wear our hearts on our sleeve and proudly display our ingredients on every bottle. Our view on nutrition is based on scientific research. We object to diet trends and fads. We are whole. Our products are natural. No additives. No compromises. Because the small print rarely makes you feel great.

  • Premium Service

    We aim to surpass our clients' expectations with an exceptional level of service, education, and support. Our goal is our client's ultimate well-being. We work closely together with internationally recognized nutrition experts and have integrated their knowledge in our recipes.

  • Quality & Safety

    We assure you the top of the crop in every sip. Our goal is to provide the highest quality products we possibly can. We define quality by evaluating the ingredients, freshness, safety, taste, nutritive value and appearance in every product we offer.
    Only the freshest fruits and vegetables make the best juice. Juice should never be cooked. Pasteurization kills vitamins, minerals and live enzymes. When we are using cold press technology, we’re ensuring that the final product stays fresh and raw, delicious and nutrient-dense so that, just like our juices, our customers can thrive under pressure.

  • Environmental Responsibility

    What is good for us must also be good for the environment. Plain and simple.
    All our products are 100% natural and free from added chemicals, addtives or preservatives. Our produce is predominaly sourced from our farmer friends in the region. Supporting local is the way to go!
    We minimize our waste and carbon footprint by using recyclable or biodegradable packaging materials and composting. Our bottles are the most recyclable of bottle options, which are vital to preserving the shelf life and taste of our juice.

  • DETOX , Shop No. 27, Ganga Nagar, Opp. Mahindra Main Gate, W.E.H, Kandivali East, Mumbai 400101